Konfigurasi v-sat
Netzen SCPC VSAT uses SCPC (Single Channel Per Carrier) technology. It can provide point-to-point or point-to-multipoint connection, and offers dedicated bandwidth for those requiring high traffic communication with a continuous bit rate in locations not covered by cable service. This service may be used for data, voice, image and video communication.

Netzen SCPC VSAT is suitable for:

  • Data Communication:
  • LAN to LAN connection based on IP protocol
  • Large file and image transfer such as CAD/CAM and video files
  • Payment point
  • Voice Communication:
  • VoIP via Voice Gateway or Router device
  • Video Communication:
  • Interactive communication video conference
  • Streaming communication with bandwidth dedicated (CCTV)


Various service options are available, ranging 64 kbps to 2 Mbps or higher with full duplex configuration. Lintasarta VSAT is its technical and spare devices support in 70 cities.


Technical Specifications :

  • Data rate 64 Kbps – 2048 Kbps or higher
  • RS-449 ,V.35 and Ethernet interface
  • Clear channel configuration accessible by communication protocol such as Frame Relay
  • Full duplex configuration
  • QPSK/8PSK/8 APSK/16 QAM modulation

VSAT Link Service options :

  1. Lintasarta SCPC VSAT Point to Point
  2. Lintasarta SCPC VSAT Point to Multi Point

Additional Features :

  • Video Conference
  • Internet
  • Frame Relay
Satellite router

a VSAT. Modern VSAT systems utilize a satellite router. Best practice methods for using a satellite router are contained in VSAT training: The VSAT Installation

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